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the M Layout ranging from Studio to 3 Bedroom types

The M comprises of 522 apartments making up of Studio, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom plus Study, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom plus Study and 3 Bedroom Dual Key. The wide choice of layouts are set out by the developer in consultation with their architect and planners to cater to a huge demand for apartments in the City by both own-use and investor-type purchasers.  The show flat will display the 1 Bedroom plus Study as well as 2 Bedroom plus Study which will have a few stacks with different facings.


Different Layouts to Appeal to Different Segment 

The various configuration and layout in the M shows the thought given by the developer to this Prime City Centre development. Precisely because its a Prime City Centre development, the developer has also paid extra attention to fine details in the configuration of these much-sought-after apartments. Details like the movable kitchen top, movable wardrobe, integrated dining table as well as up-market facial recognition for common facilities access shows the attention to residents aspiration for Modern City Living.


the M Project Details

The M is a 99-years leasehold development located between Middle Road and Liang Seah Street. The land parcel is also between InterContinental Hotel along North Bridge Road and Shaw Tower along Beach Road.


the M at Middle Road Project Details

the M presented by Wing Tai showcases the thought and planning behind each apartment. The lifestyle concept as well as sustainable and environment-friendly concept was planned at the inception of the project. It will present a breath of fresh air providing an overall organic and green envelope that will certainly soften the development.  The architect has specifically planned such that there is a play in the contrast of 2 types of tinted glass in the curtain wall system and glass railing at the balcony within and outside the frames to amplify the frames.  For the carpark podium, there will be corrugated aluminium mesh for creeper plant mediums to grow and soften the carpark podium.


the M next to Civic District

The development will be a landmark building contributing to the vibrancy of the downtown core area. Especially so when there is a landscaped green at level 3 podium as well as at level 7 sky terrace.  The landscaped greenery will be lively in the day and the residential towers' facade's night lighting complements the surrounding lighting characteristics in the district while creating its own unique identity. Truly befitting a development amidst the Arts, Culture, Architecture and History.

The architectural frames from the development's "city-grid" can be well-appreciated at night with lighting features and especially with the residential towers visibly standing tall.  The overall lighting visual experience ties in really well with the surrounding lighting characteristics in this District.